Size chart

Leotard size chart - for 'Aerial Creations Tank-Style Leotard' (in Hot Pink, Petrol Green & Black)

Child sizes Size 4 Size 6 Size 8 Size 10
Chest 54-60cm 58-64cm 64-70cm 69-75cm
Waist 46-52cm 52-58cm 56-62cm 58-64cm
Hips 54-60cm 58-64cm 67-73cm 72-78cm
Girth 97-104cm 106-112cm 116-122cm 125-131cm


 Leotard size chart - for 'Buttons & Bows', 'Funky Camouflage' and 'Lava Flow'

Child sizes


Chest 46-51cm       53-58cm 61-66cm 66-69cm 71-76cm
Waist 46-51cm 51-53cm 53-56cm 56-59cm 61-64cm
Hips 46-51cm 53-58cm 58-63cm 66-71cm 71-76cm
Girth/torso 91-96cm 99-104cm 107-112cm 114-119cm 122-127cm

Chest 79-84cm 86-91cm 94-97cm 99-104cm 107-109cm
Waist 63-66cm 66-69cm 71-76cm 79-81cm 84-86cm
Hips 79-84cm 86-91cm 94-97cm 99-104cm 107-112cm
Girth/torso 129-137cm 140-147cm 150-155cm 155-160cm 160-165cm

 Leotard information

Ensure tape measure is firm when measuring.

Select size by - 'SMART FIT' - Nice and taut fit, will fit closely like a second skin.

Select size next size up for 'GROWING ROOM' - Fit will give some room for growth; you may see some folds/gathers when wearing the leotard.

1. CHEST - Keep arms relaxed at sides, measure the fullest part of the chest.

2. WAIST - Measure around the natural waistline.

3. HIPS - Stand with heels together and measure around the top part of the buttocks.

4. GIRTH - Measure from top centre of the shoulder down front of body, through the crutch area and back up the centre of the other shoulder.


Hand grip size chart

For women's and men's grips, measure from the base of the palm to the tip of the longest finger.

For beginner's grips, measure from the base of the palm to the base of the middle finger.

Size Centimetres Size Centimetres Size Centimetres
00 up to 14cm 0 up to 16cm XS up to 5cm
0 14 to 15.3cm 1 16 to 18.5cm S 5 to 6.4cm
1 15.3 to 16.5cm 2 18.5 to 20.3cm M 6.4 to 7.7cm
2 16.5 to 18.5cm 3 20.3 to 22.3cm L 7.7 to 9cm
3 18.5 to 19.7cm 4 22.3cm + XL 9 to 10.3cm
4 19.7cm +